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Before I started teaching all I did in my spare time was read. I read anything and everything and devoured them like my life depended on it. When I started teacher training my reading time was used on reading books that supported my learning in and out of the classroom. This still rings true today, but one of my personal goals is to read a fictional or personal reading book before I go to bed even if it is just five minutes just to 'switch off'.

As I have many books on the go I thought I would share them and maybe give people some ideas on what to read next and I can get some future recommendations.


What are you reading? Leave a comment with a tag to your blog and I and others can take a look.

Book one (Book for learning) Ken Robinson and Lou Aronica, Creative Schools: Revolutionising education from the ground up. 

(Taken from Amazon website) Ken Robinson - Creative Schools

Ken Robinson is one of the world's most influential voices in education. In this inspiring, empowering book, he sets out a new vision for how education can be transformed to enable all young people to flourish. Filled with practical examples and groundbreaking research, it will inspire the change our children urgently need.

'Compelling ... an elegant, powerfully written manifesto for change' Tristram Hunt, Guardian

'Inspires and brings a new sense of possibility to the goal of transforming education . . . This is a global game-changer' Brené Brown, author of Daring Greatly

'Wonderful and enjoyable' Malala Yousafzai, Nobel Prize Laureate

As a teacher and a parent, I find Sir Ken Robinson fascinating. His TED Talk is one of the, if not the most watched talks on the TED website. This book looks into how and why teachers should teach creatively and how you can do this within the classroom not just for individual teachers but for the whole school. This book is being read not just because I find Robinson's work interesting but because it is part of my reading list for my Master which is looking at art and spiritual development.


Book two (Picture book) Patricia Cleveland- Peck, You can't take an Elephant on the Bus.   

(Taken from the Amazon website) You can't take an elephant on the bus

You can't take an elephant on the bus ...
It would simply cause a terrible fuss!

Elephants' bottoms are heavy and fat
and would certainly squash the seats quite flat.

Never put a camel in a sailing boat, or a tiger on a train, and don't even THINK about asking a whale to ride a bike ... This riotous picture book is filled with animals causing total disaster as they try to travel in the most unsuitable vehicles. A real romp of a book, with hilarious rhyming text and spectacular illustrations.

I have read this book once before with my old Year 2 class. Yet, I haven't sat down and read it on my own and taking the time to look at the illustrations and read the book for pleasure. With all my picture books I read at home I normally read them once a day for the whole week as I feel with good picture books you can read them over and over again and there is always something new that you have spotted.

Book three (Children's book) Maz Evans - Simply the Quest.


(Taken from the Amazon Website) Maz Evans Simply the Quest

Elliot Hooper's troubles are far from over: his mum's health worsens, he's struggling at school, and a bunch of anarchic Greek immortals have moved into his home - including teen goddess Virgo, who's in trouble with the Zodiac. What's more, death-daemon Thanatos and his scary mum are at large. As even more immortal allies and enemies emerge, Virgo and Elliot must learn how to be heroes ...

This is book two in Maz Evan's very funny 'Who Let the Gods out' Series. I read the first one last year on a train ride to London and I laughed out loud many a time, much to the fellow travellers amusement. I have had this on my 'To Be read' (TBR) pile since it arrived on the day of release and just haven't had time to read it. I have high expectations for this book.

Book four (Fiction Book) Margaret Atwood - Alias Grace 

(Taken from the Amazon Website) Margaret Atwood Alias Grace

Now a major NETFLIX series

Sometimes I whisper it over to myself: Murderess. Murderess. It rustles, like a taffeta skirt along the floor.' Grace Marks. Female fiend? Femme fatale? Or weak and unwilling victim? Around the true story of one of the most enigmatic and notorious women of the 1840s, Margaret Atwood has created an extraordinarily potent tale of sexuality, cruelty and mystery.

'Brilliant... Atwood's prose is searching. So intimate it seems to be written on the skin' Hilary Mantel

'The outstanding novelist of our age' Sunday Times

'A sensuous, perplexing book, at once sinister and dignified, grubby and gorgeous, panoramic yet specific...I don't think I have ever been so thrilled' Julie Myerson, Independent on Sunday

There is always an author that you don't get round to reading, yet has been on your radar a while. That is Atwood for me. I am always told by my friends that I would be entranced by her books and I must read them, I was given this book as a birthday present and thought there was no time like the present (No pun intended) to read it.

Book Five (Audio/ Audible Book) 

( Taken from the Audible website) Their Lost Daughters 

First came Holmes. Then came Rebus. Now we introduce the only detectives you’ll be talking about this year, Jackman and Evans. The brainchild of Joy Ellis, our breakthrough crime author of 2018, Their Lost Daughters is the first in an unmissable new series that has everyone at Audible HQ hooked. Performed by Richard Armitage, we join the CID team of the Lincolnshire Fens as they hunt a merciless and twisted killer responsible for a series of shocking disappearances and murders.

Step behind the scenes and experience Joy Ellis’ web of mystery for yourself. Get ready. It’s time...

I must admit straight from the start, that the reason I bought this one with my Audible credits is because the narrator is Richard Armitage. I am huge fan of his (and have met him a couple times) and I knew nothing of the author before this. Yet, this has, for an audio book, had a lot of hype and press surrounding it so it will be interesting to see if it lives up to that. The one thing I do know is that, like other Armitage narrations, the narration will be perfect.


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