Travel Review: Marrakech Menara Airport – what you need to know before you travel.


Firstly I would like to point out that we took our holiday at the end of May 2018, this meant that we were travelling during Ramadan.

We arrived after a pleasant flight in the evening. It was very quiet, with only our flight arriving into arrivals. Brilliant, I thought, a quick check in then straight to the pool... Not at all! The security behind the counter were slow with workers jumping on and off with no sorry or warning. At one point a officer came off his booth midway through checking in a whole family. The dad got checked and got pushed through to the next section while the mother and the children had to go back and find another line to wait. There was an airport staff member tying to branch the two main lines in to sub-lines but due to the lack of communication from the security officers this was futile. Finally, after an hour, and much lane jumping we got through security. Your passport is checked again to make sure that your passport has been stamped. When you pass this check you will need to collect your luggage and put it through one last scanner before being able to make to the entrance.

When you leave the airport, there will be many eager taxi drivers wishing to take you to your accommodation. Be warned there will be many eager taxi drivers and they will try and charge you astronomical prices. Daddy Day is a particularly savvy traveller and knew this might happen, so asked how much it was before the man put the luggage into the boot of the car - the driver said it would cost 300 Dh! He did at one point become quite aggressive and shouted at my partner. Our advice would be to either book an airport transfer before you leave or contact your hotel who should be able to book you a reputable taxi driver before you arrive.

Marrakech Airport Arrivals and Departures

Upon leaving Marrakech, we decided to get there in plenty of time after the many reviews recommending to do so. Fortunately we did have an easy security check, however there are numerous checks which have a real possibility to cause you delays in getting through… You must have a printed boarding pass to get through security, so regardless if you have no bags to check in you must line up at your airline boarding desk. Furthermore, you must fill out the little white visa form that you had to fill in at arrival and yes this does include where you stayed in Morocco (This seemed to cause many people to stay at the security control booths). We recommend filling them out while in line for check in.

From there, numerous security checks will follow, including checking hand luggage and a very thorough body check. At this point security was formed into two lines of male and female. Some fellow bloggers have stated they didn’t like this, however we felt that this made the body check more efficient. You will need to go through boarder control again and you will need to show your white forms. This can be where time is lost for many people due to not filling in the forms correctly as we found this can cause a backlog and your form and passport are stamped… again! Make sure that you keep that passport page open as around the corner there is a second security guard checking your stamp in your passport and your boarding pass. One woman in-front of DaddyDay was clearly distressed being late for a flight and was uncertain about what the man wanted. This did caused a long backlog behind her but once you have passed this you are free!

Marrakech Airport Nightime

There are a couple of shops with Moroccan souvenirs, a few duty-free shops and a newsagent. There are food outlets available, but please note that the airport does not serve alcohol. Once French food outlet serves non-alcoholic Bavaria. There is a very small play area for small children, but for older children, there is nothing. Unfortunately, something that is a problem is the lack of power sockets in the airport. Apart from a couple of the food outlets and the premium business suite, there are no sockets. This means that when people are stranded it can make staying in communication difficult.

Our flight was delayed for many hours, but unlike other reviews we did have regularly updated visual displays of our flight. The announcement speaker was very difficult to hear but thanks to some other helpful stranded Brits we managed to keep everyone up to date with what was going on.

In a nutshell, be prepared for long waits and lots of security checks. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time just in case as it does have the potential to be problematic.

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