Review: Panini FIFA World cup Russia sticker book and stickers 2018

In our house, it is World Cup fever. We are, as a family, massive football fans and that includes the ancient ritual of sticker collecting.

My personal love of sticker collecting started with the Merlin Premier League sticker collection. I remember everyone in the playground was trading their stickers not just at playtime but lining up waiting for period three music. By the time my younger brother was born I was hooked and became much more than a hobby... it became an obsession.  My sticker collecting at the time opened my footballing knowledge to players from other countries well before the internet and access to sky sports.

Today I still collect football stickers with Daddy Day and Thing 2. Thing 2's anticipation of opening up a packet with Ronaldo or Harry Kane is the same way I got ecstatic when I found Alan Shearer.

The album and 31 stickers cost £3.99, however, you can pick up the album for free in certain outlets.

The pages of the book can be quite delicate and the bottoms can be ripped slightly when turning the pages so I would advise being careful.

In regards of the stickers, the sticker packet itself shine sin the sun to reveal a holographic design and the look and the design of the stickers are excellent with the pictures really clear and easy to put in the book frames. When I talk to fellow parents they always comment on the size of the stickers and how they have seemed to have shrunk over the years. Again this year Panini have opted for the tiniest size they have for stickers. I understand their reasons behind this choice as there are almost 700 stickers in total and if they were bigger that would most certainly lead to an album that would be bigger with more pages. there are already almost 700 stickers and imagine the size and the number of pages the album would need. Another point that parents across the internet have been making is the price of the stickers. In the UK, the price of a packet of 5 stickers costs 80 pence. At an average cost of 16 pence per sticker, that works out at £110.40 for a completed sticker album - that excludes doubles! We have found that there are places in our local area that have free swaps days. In our local WHSmith every Saturday afternoon they have a place where you can swap stickers with fellow collectors. This does help with the burden of the price.

Overall, collecting stickers is a great activity that we enjoy as a family, yet as a parent I am concerned how expensive it will be for us to complete album and if the price will force us to stop collecting before it gets an expensive disappointment.

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