National Sisters Day

So whilst I was randomly 'topic hopping' on Twitter, I noticed that it was in fact National Sisters Day yesterday. So what is National Sisters Day?

National Sisters Day happens on the first Sunday in August and apparently is your chance to show your appreciation for that unique bond only Sisters can understand. ... Sisters are forever. (National Day Calendar)

But can I celebrate National Sisters Day if I don't have a 'biological sister'? Absolutely, because in my eyes, I have two amazing sisters.

I remember when I was a girl and I used to watch 'Sweet Valley High' (Please don't judge me!) and be jealous of Jessica and Elizabeth's relationship. I wanted a sister who I could do everything with and share things and be my best friend. For years I never knew what it was like to have a sister until I met my two closest friends.

Sometimes, our besties are just basically family. They've been around for a while, and know me better than anyone else in the world (apart from Daddy Day - even though it is very, very close)

You hear from friends that they have a strange connections with their sisters, but because I know my best friends, our brains are just as in sync as 'blood sisters'. We will often finish each others sentences, and we know when the other person needs our help, it's a bit like a telepathic Bat Signal.

Here are my top five pointers to know that my best friends really are like my sisters.

1  ) They tell me the truth

My 'sisters'  will always keep me grounded. If I have done something wrong, dear God they will tell me and will remind me at every occasion that it is needed, but at the same time they are the gate keeper of my secrets, and will never tell a soul.

2  ) Speed dial counsellor 

They are always there for me because they know that I will always be there for them, too. They are my listening ears when times are tough, and a sounding board when I need a good rant... and I have many of those, I can assure you!

3 ) Fight, what fight? 

With one of my best friends I remember we had just flown into New York, I was a rather stressed travel buddy as I had a really difficult assignment that I hadn't finished before I left. On our first night in the middle of Manhattan we had the biggest of arguments but within an hour we were back to being best friends again. We always make up, because, I have to be honest, we couldn't last a day without being best friends. Neither of my best friends hold a grudge and we have certainly never used something trivial against each other.

4) They are the plotting masters

There have been many times where something has happened and we need a next step. Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.  My sisters are my sidekicks for my silliest schemes. They will find the dirt, the drama, and all the ideas, until the problem is resolved!

5) They are my memories

My best friends.. my sisters are the main character in all of my adult life memories. I really struggle to remember many nights, a long talk, or a road trip without either of them. I have been to New York, met numerous famous actors, and got myself into many silly situations with them both.

Our inside jokes are endless, and we can laugh all night about our crazy adventures, and the photos, oh, the photos.

I may have thought that the Sweet Valley High Twins had it all, but I believe that I am so lucky to have two people who are not only my best friends, but who chose to be my sisters and the Aunties to my boys.

Who knew siblings didn't really have to be bonded by blood?

I love you S and G, Happy National Sisters Day xxx

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xx Family Of The Day xx

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