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Ok, so the Mario Tennis series is back and just in time for Mario and Luigi to get their tickets for Wimbledon's Centre Court. Instead of simply replacing the likes of Murray and Federer with the typical Nintendo cast, this Switch title has put a new spin on things (See what I did there) to the genre. With a plethora of super-charged moves and tricks and an adventure mode packed with challenges and boss battles, Mario Tennis Ace is as much fun for the Nintendo Switch as they come.

Actually I would as go as far to say, it’s easily one of the most exhilarating and competitive titles we have played on the Switch yet, or at least it has been one of the most fun that we have played together as a family.

Mario Tennis In Game ImageThere are the same timeless moves such as: lobs, topspin, slices and flat shots which all provide different ways to defeat your opponent, however this time, Mario and his Nintendo clan have also gained super-powered skills, that a certain Mr Murray would surely like in his repertoire. They can slow time to aim their shots (Something that Thing 1 loves to do), slow down the ball to make it easier to hit or even produce a ‘special shot’ that is so powerful it can break the opponent’s racket and get them disqualified. The opposing player does have the ability to counter these special shots with a perfectly timed block and this adds a surprising depth of tactics to Aces, which gets the children (and us adults) trying to think a few moves ahead.

When playing in 4 player mode, one especially good point to note was that it also mixes up who you are playing with after each match. As a result of this tennis matches become just as much a war of brains as they are a battle of reflexes as each family member has a different set of skills and you all have to work together which is something different to our regular Mario Kart family battles.

Mario Tennis In Game ImageAdmittedly, it takes a good while for everything to click and I must admit I am still grasping how to make the most out of the special features but the adventure mode does a fantastic job in helping you, much to Daddy Day’s delight! Once you embrace the typical Nintendo over-the-top special abilities and realise that Aces (when practiced) can be as good a tennis game, as Mario Kart is a racer, then you’ll start to enjoy the game a lot more.

Should you rush out and buy the game?

That depends what you’re looking for to be honest. Mario Tennis Aces is a good Nintendo sports game for short bursts of fun with the family, but I doubt you’ll be playing it for hours on end in a few months’ time. Still, if you are like us and have exhausted Mario Kart and are looking for a fun multiplayer game on our regular games night, then I would definitely recommend it.

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  1. July 12, 2018 / 8:27 am

    Awesome review. It does look like such a good game plus mario games are great family fun.

    • admin
      July 12, 2018 / 8:52 am

      They really are. We were a bit hesitant when we bought the switch as the boys never really played with the Wii U much. The games just weren’t very good. But the switch really is a great console. Don’t get me wrong, its not used as much as the XBox One as the boys tend to play that when playing on their own. But the switch is just perfect for family fun and there are loads of upcoming releases that I think will make the switch sell out for Christmas. The new Pokemon game that links to Pokemon GO looks fantastic.

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