Healthy Eating: Week Two

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In a previous post 'New Chapter, New Healthier Me', I am on a mission to get healthier and more active.

I know from past experiences that I am really going to struggle with this part of the 'Healthier me' and I am not going to be able to cut everything out in one go so my plan is to take tiny weekly steps to make my life a little bit healthier week by week. I will also detail my fitness goals on a separate post each week, 'Fitness Goals: Week Two', so please feel free to take a look and any comments are more than welcome.

Week One - Results

1) Drink more water - Completed! I found drinking more water as home actually quite easy. I got into the habit of having my large drinks bottle of water beside my desk and made sure that I drank from it regularly. My next focus on this is to get into the habit of remembering to take water out with me when leaving the house as there were a few occasions last week where my memory (or lack of it) got the better of me.

2) Swap my packet of crisps - Completed! Yes, I actually managed during lunch times to have walnuts instead of crisps. This was another one that surprisingly I didn't find too difficult and actually found I was 'fuller' afterwards for longer.

3) Make sure I take my multivitamins each day - 99% Completed! I remembered everyday last week apart from once on the weekend where we spent all day re-decorating our home.

4) Have at least one herbal tea a day - Completed! I have really enjoyed having my herbal tea everyday and have tried out numerous different flavours throughout the week. The  'Moontime Tea's Fertility Blend' tea bags we received last week have also been tested and they are actually one of my favourites.

5) Cut out the alcohol - (not quite!) It probably wasn't the best week to start this goal as it was our anniversary and Daddy Day took me out for a quick drink to celebrate. Definitely one to start again next week.


Week Two - Goals

1) Cut out the alcohol -Last week didn't really go too well after our mid-week anniversary drink. I know I have to try this again and will keep to the same challenge - I will make sure that I only have my favourite tipple on a Friday night and a maximum of two.

2) Make sure I have my Moontime Organic Fertility Tea before going to bed. I completed last week's herbal tea challenge and enjoyed them so much. We are fortunate to have been given some of this fertility tea as it is not something we would have thought of buying. It is recommended to take this just before bed, so my weekly challenge is to continue to have herbal tea instead of coffee (apart from my morning coffee of course!) plus have my fertility tea before bed.

3) Have five portions of fruit and veg everyday - I am going to experiment with vegetables this week and one recipe I am going to try is Zuccini chips which should be great with pasta dishes or just as a snack. Luckily we were also gifted a load of fruit and veg from Daddy Day's Mum, so we are also saving money too!

4) Substitute chips/potatoes for salad. I don't have as much salad as I should and this week I am going to try and add it to every meal that I would normally have potatoes with. This is a goal that I should realistically be able to stick to and even though we are going out for a meal with a friend on Friday I feel confidant in managing this little goal this week.

5) Have a smoothie everyday - So we now have a smoothie maker and this morning I made smoothies for both myself and Daddy Day. They were really quick and easy to make (also helps me with Goal 3) and I will have a look for some great, healthy recipes this week so if you know any, please feel free to leave a comment.

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