Healthy Eating: Week One

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In a previous post 'New Chapter, New Healthier Me', I am on a mission to get healthier and more active.

I know from past experiences that I am really going to struggle with this part of the 'healthier me' and I am not going to be able to cut everything out in one go so my plan is to take tiny weekly steps to make my life a little bit healthier week by week. I will also detail my fitness goals on a separate post, 'Fitness Goals: Week One',  so please feel free to take a look and any comments are more than welcome.

1) Drink more water - Drinking water is one of the easiest steps for a healthier body, and a healthier body means a higher chance of a fertile body. Rather than waiting to get thirsty, I am going to drink water (not squash, coke or orange juice) regularly throughout the day from as soon as I wake up in the morning. I also intend to carry a water bottle around with me wherever I go to remind me to drink and stay hydrated.

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Numerous websites recommend drinking 2-4 litres per day. This seems a lot but I think over time it will just become a habit to drink little and often and it will also make me more aware of the length of time it will take to get to a toilet wherever I happen to be!

2) Swap my packet of crisps - In my lunchbox I always have my wrap and a packet of crisps. I intend to swap this 'bad carb' and instead go for a variety of nuts including; almonds, pumpkin seeds and walnuts. In her book 'How To Get Pregnant Fast' (reviewed in a previous post), Dr Gray highlights the importance of nuts, in particular walnuts which contains A, B1, B2, B6 and B12 with Vitamin E, Foliate, Omega 3 and has the potential to improve sperm vitality in men. For me, as the walnuts contain Omega 3 this is vitally important as I am allergic to fish and I can get this important addition to my diet naturally.

3) Make sure I take my multivitamins everyday - As a couple we have started to take Pregnacare Vitabiotics His and Her Conception, 60 Tablets. These need to be taken daily. Unfortunately, with our busy lives, and my forgetfulness trait I can of course forget to take these... Hmmm... maybe I should put a reminder on my phone.

4) Have at least one herbal tea a day -  I'm not ready to ditch my caffeine yet... But I am going to start to get back into the habit of drinking herbal teas more. I do love herbal teas, so hopefully this wont be too hard to cut down on the regular coffee's throughout the day. I have also received a packet of 'Moontime Tea's Fertility Blend' tea bags which I intend to have one every night before bed.

5) Cut out the alcohol - With the World cup finished and the flags back in the loft boxes and the balloons being swept up by the road sweepers I now feel I am able to really cut down on the alcohol intake. One, because my favourite tipple is lager and black and that in itself is awful for losing weight and second, because alcohol is bad for fertility. So for my first week I will make sure that I only have my favourite tipple on a Friday night and a maximum of two.

Are you on a healthy eating challenge? What are your goals? How are you finding it? What has been difficult?



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