Goals for July

A little bit late I know but this is my ‘TO DO’ list to reach my goals for July..


I have to first mention June as it was not only a month where we started our blog together but we also managed to agree on what we wanted for the long term! Honestly it feels like this has given us a mind change and I am sure that we both feel the surge of productivity running through our veins. We have so many ideas for the design and content for the blog, whilst I have a vast amount of work for my masters and a real focus on my body to help us conceive (not a small task). July will most definitely be our busiest, yet most productive month, I AM SURE! With this in mind, here are my July goals that I intend to SMASH!

Hulk Smash ImageBlogging goals

With June being the month of the ‘set up’, July is the most definitely the month of cementing our blog and our posts I hope reflect this.

Image of a Calendar1) Organise our blogging time

This is something that we have been looking at a lot this month. As myself and Daddy Day write and design the blog together we need to consider each other’s work and family commitments. We have dedicated and allocated different times to make sure that no parts in our day-to-day life suffers. From Daddy Day’s understanding of the website and the ability to schedule posts we intend to focus on the blog three days a week plus some weekend time hopefully resulting in at least three blog posts a week.

Calling Bloggers Image2) Communicating more with fellow bloggers:

I must admit that neither of us really use social media in our personal lives so this is something we intend to work really hard at. One of our reasons we started the blog was to share who we are and make links with like minded people. This month I would like to make some links with people who I can share blogs with and communicate with them from time to time whilst also following their own journeys. From this, I would also like to grow our newly developed Instagram and Pinterest accounts and will be focusing on getting 10 Pinterest & 100 Instagram followers which I think is an achievable aim..


Personal Goals

I’m making my own well-being a focus this month, in part to help with our fertility journey. Month One – Trying For a Baby

…. Takes deep breath…. Here we go…

1) Make sure I keep a log of everything I do and eat: This week I bought the Basal thermometer and app by Ferometer and for us to get the most accurate representation I need to catalogue everything including temperature, exercise and food intake. I am already one day in and I already feel more attuned with my body. One small thing (yet difficult for me now I am not working in the classroom) is to remember to wear my apple watch, so it can help me not only keep in touch with the social media updates but will allow me to record my BP and my steps each day.

2) Go to the gym three times a week: I am not gonna lie, this is going to be hard for me. The lycra gym pants (That Olivia Newton John would be proud of) have been dusted off and I have enrolled at a local gym which is within walking distance of our home. I am going to take it nice and slow… real slow… and intend to track my progress through the blog. Let’s do this together!

3) Be confident: Lately I have found my self-confidence take a real knock due in part to my weight gain. (Baby Blog) One of my monthly goals is to take time out to make an effort when I go out, wear the clothes (if they fit) I love the most, take the time to dry my hair and put on a little warpaint as it does feel sometimes like a bit of a battle.

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