Fitness Goals: Week one

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In a previous post 'New Chapter, New Healthier me.. the Start', I am on a mission to get healthier. I have dusted off my lycra gym pants (which took a little while to get on), made a gym music playlist and set myself some fitness goals... I am ready.

There are two long term goals I have set myself and they are:

1) Be able to run a 10K with DaddyDay - I know this is a classic long term goal that many people have, but it is one that I have wanted to do for a long time as the main reason is that I would like to run for a charity that is close to our hearts: The National Autistic Society Logo of the National Autistic Society - fitness goals 10k run

2) Get back into my yellow dress - I love my yellow dress, and I intended to wear it at a family wedding, but it was just too tight.

Now I do realise, like a lot of other people I'm sure, that if I set a long term goal I might be great and stick to it the first week, okay for the second and by the third week I am done with it and my goal will be a distant memory.

With this in mind I am going to think one week at a time. When making my goals, I need to think if they are SMART. That means they need conform to the following criteria: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely. My goals may seem small, but this is just the beginning and I believe that they are all achievable.

So here they are: My fitness goals (Week one)

Multi-coloured silhouette of a lady dancing - fitness goals

1) Dance to a song everyday Everyone knows I love music and as an educator I believe in the power of music and dance. Each day on our twitter feed I will be adding the song I just danced to. I would love to hear what you listen and dance to and give recommendations for my playlist.

2) Go for a BRISK walk with Daddy Day With the end of term nearly approaching and extra-curricular clubs coming to an end. We have a bit more spare time on our hands. This week I want to go out for a nice walk with DaddyDay as it will be a great way to discuss the week whilst taking in our beautiful local scenery. This will be logged on Strava to help keep focus... and keep up my pace.

3) Pokemon hunt with the family (walking) - This out of all of them is the one I am looking forward to the most. As a family we love to go Pokemon hunting using the Pokemon Go app. I find that I can really get in my daily steps without even feeling like it is an exercise 'chore'. Plus, the kids love it.

4) Walk 10,000 steps everyday - For me to be able to record and achieve this, I need to complete goal 5.

5) Remember to wear my apple watch everyday - When I am not in the classroom I never wear my watch, now with plotting all the aspects of my health this is compulsory... Especially to prove to Daddy Day that I am actually exercising!

6) Go to the gym twice - No set goals based around the gym this week. My week one aim is to get used to my new local gym, use the equipment and just feel comfortable there.

So these are my weekly goals. I think that they are SMART and achievable. Do you have any fitness goals? How have you achieved them?

Lets do this together so we can make them even easier to achieve!

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xx Family Of The Day xx

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