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As seen in my previous post, 'First Month Trying for a Baby' The wrinkles on my face and the dark purple fertility colour makes me feel slightly old. Not only that but this week I have definitely started to feel more like an OAP rather than 'down with the kids!'.

The main reason for this is because I have found it hard to get my head around the amount of abbreviations people use when explaining their thoughts and stories on fertility websites, blogs and relevant message boards.

I am sure there is a lot of people out there that have been as confused as me and because of this I thought it might be a good idea to write down the most common abbreviations so I can try and help others understand the difference between things such as CM and CP and hopefully explain a bit about why people are searching for the BFP not the BFN.


Common Abbreviations:

2WW: The two week wait is the loooooooonnnnng period (no pun intended) between ovulation and the moment when a HPT (see below) might provide a reliable reading. This may not sound like torture, but anyone who yearns to see two lines, the word 'pregnant or a 'big fat positive' (BFP) showing on the HPT, knows how intolerable and slow these two weeks are.

AF: 'Aunt Flo' aka your period. If you're trying for a baby you don't want to welcome AF.

BBT: Basal Body Temperature. BBT is a super effective way of determining your most fertile days. By taking your BBT first thing in the morning it has the potential to track your ovulation day.

BD: Known as doing the ‘baby dance’... WhoooHoooo sexy time!

BFN: Not what you want to see when TTC - as it means a Big Fat Negative result.

BFP: The most important fertility abbreviation. This means Big Fat Positive... You're pregnant!

CM/CF: Means Cervical Mucus/Cervical Fluid. On your TTC journey you will become one with your CM. If you are tracking your CM you might be looking at the consistency to help with ovulation. If that is the case you might also see or use EWCM, which stands for egg-white cervical mucus. This is the consistency that indicates you are ovulating soon... and it's time to BD!

CP: Cervix position. Your cervix position can tell you a lot about your fertility because it is constantly changing during your menstrual cycle.

DH/DP: Dear Husband / Dear Partner - a way of referring to your other half. I'm not sure I would use this as I usually refer to mine as a pain in the butt!

HPT: Home Pregnancy Test (or as I am currently calling them.. expensive disappointments).

PO: Post-Ovulation, often referred to along with the number of days, for example: I am 10DPO. I often see these when people are discussing any body changes or symptoms they are feeling after ovulation. Also people might discuss their PO, when it comes to asking people when is the earliest they should take a HPT.

POAS: Peeing On A Stick. This can be in relation to a HPT or if you are taking ovulation tests.

TTC: This is the one you will see the most on websites and message boards. It simply means Trying To Conceive.

Do you struggle with all of these or have you got anymore that I might have missed? Please feel free to put them in the comments or email me.


Good Luck to everyone on this same journey from




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