Cat in the Hat – Book Review

As it is International Cat Day we thought we would do a review of our favourite cat book...

No surprises then which one we picked!!


#InternationalCatInTheHatDay (?)

As a parent and a teacher, I have read this book a hundred times and each time I still get a little excited when reading it as it reminds me of how I felt when I was a little child reading it out loud for the first time.

The story of The Cat in the Hat is a timeless book that will entertain you whether you are the child, the parent or the teacher.

The story starts when two children are stuck inside on a horrible day and they think that it is going to be very boring (sounds like most kids on a wet British summer holiday!). However an anarchic cat in a stripy hat, strides through the door and changes that!

The Cat in the Hat wants to play a game in which he balances a variety objects on himself, including a fish, a book, a cup, a cake and an umbrella - but soon, it all comes tumbling down, like a family game of Jenga and makes an awful mess (again sounds like kids on a wet British summer holiday!).

Even though Cat has made an awful mess, he doesn't stop there: he then introduces the children to his two friends, Thing One and Thing Two, who decide to fly kites in the house and make even more of a mess! Now you know why we name our kids Thing One and Thing Two!

Fish (aptly named as it is the families pet fish) looks out the window with the sudden realisation that mum is about to return home... How on earth are the children going to tidy up the house?  Will Cat save the day? Will the children be grounded without any electricals for a week? You will need to read the book to find out!

The verse in The Cat in the Hat is a feast for the ears. With wonderful rhymes and bouncing text, it's no wonder kids and adults love this energetic story. As a teacher, I am also aware how good this book is for supporting children in learning to read. The rhymes and repetition help children to match certain letters with certain sounds, improving their phonics skills. The rhymes also make the book hugely entertaining for parents to read to their children, with the engaging text and illustrations, and as a parent I can say that you can't help but get fully immersed in telling the story.

The Cat in the Hat illustrations are as iconic as the characters with just as much charm, expression and exuberance. The bold and vibrant colours of black, white and red along with the unique and imaginative pictures of Thing One and Thing Two are truly engaging. A particular love of mine are the varied expressions of the children watching the craziness taking place in their home, ranging from shock to fascination and delight.

A wonderful story that should be a necessity on any parent's or teacher's bookshelves for generations to come... and a must read for International Cat Day!

xx Happy Reading xx5 Out Of 5 Stars

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