Blogging goals to finish off an amazing year!

Now seems the right time to detail ‘OUR TO DO’ list to help us reach our End of Year Blogging Goals.


The last few months have been productive for us as a family but unfortunately not for the blog as our hectic daily lives again take over…

To start with we got Thing Two back to school and Thing One enrolled in college. With his Autism, it has been a slow process getting him into a routine where educational life is totally different to school life. Oh and we also got ENGAGED… So yet again, we have had to prioritise that above everything else meaning that our time to blog has had to be reduced. This month I do though feel as though we are finally settling down, and we can’t wait to share our new family journey with you.

Taking a look back at the last lot of goals, considering everything that has happened, it hasn’t been all bad.., so we will pick up from where we left off last time and will add in some new goals to finish of the year on a high!!

Here are our End of Year goals that we intend to SMASH!

Hulk Smash Image


1)  Get at least 50 Pinterest followers: As previously stated, Pinterest was not a social media avenue that we knew much about, but with our engagement I have been actively using Pinterest to look at wedding ideas and I have been following fellow wedding bloggers. Our Unique monthly views have gone up by 700 a month, which is great, and we are now half way to 50 followers at 25. So this we will continue with our 50 goal of achieving 50 followers and continuing on understanding how to better utilise it for driving traffic to the BLOG.

2) Achieve 100 Instagram followers: I hate to admit this, but we haven’t used Instagram at all apart from announcing our engagement. This month, we will continue to use Instagram to promote our blog, but also look into how we can utilise this social media outlet across other areas.

3) Get to 500 twitter followers: We have abandoned twitter recently due the hectic daily lives and in some ways I really enjoyed it, but at the same time, I realised that we made some lovely friends on here. I intend spending much more time interacting with fellow bloggers again so please come and say hi!

4) Run our own giveaway competition: So for Christmas we launch our first ever competition. We have the post ready to go and I am so excited to be running our first ever giveaway so watch this space!

5) Start a blogging series about our wedding: So with our engagement, we have decided to talk about our wedding journey, what we have chosen, what we think is an amazing and our slightly different wedding ‘location’. We will be discussing wedding choices and the things you need to think about on your wedding journey so come and join us..


What are your goals to finish off this year? Leave us your links and we will take a look and comment. xx

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xx Family Of The Day xx

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