August Blogging Goals

August Blogging Goals

A little bit late I know but this is my ‘TO DO’ list to reach my August Blogging Goals.

July was a strange month for us as a family. As my Masters in Education final submission date is approaching, I have had to prioritise that above everything else meaning that my time to blog has had to be reduced. Furthermore, I have been a bit unwell which has made me unable to be as active both mentally and physically as I normally am. I am on the mend and determined to get back on it over the next few days. August for me is for getting ourselves ready for September. With hand-in dates, holidays and back to school madness approaching, I feel I have a few weeks to get everything ready before long term goals start to take form.

Taking a look back at our July goals, considering everything that has happened, I think we did pretty darn well… High Five Daddy Day! (July Blogging Goals)

1) Organise our blogging time: Partially achieved

I now dedicate my Mondays (after Mummy duties) to blogging. We also spend some time in the evenings, joining our thoughts and trying to put in place long term plans for the blog and social media profiles. We have adjusted into our roles really well, and we both now know that we contribute to the blog equally. The reason why we have put partially achieved is because due to illness we didn’t post as much as we aimed for, thus our weekly blog posts were affected. We are determined to change that this month and after last month seeming like a trial and error month, hopefully this month will show to us what we can realistically do and we will be juggling and changing some of our regular posts to reflect this (such as my weekly healthy posts will become monthly posts)

2) Communicating more with fellow bloggers: Achieved

Last month we both vowed that we would use social media more and we would try and communicate with our fellow bloggers for advice, support and hopefully some laughs. We have both found this easy to achieve as the bloggers we have spoke with (you know who you are and a massive thanks to you all xx) have not only been amazingly supportive but they have helped us to focus and understand where to go on our blogging journey.

So far most of our communication has been mainly through Twitter and a specific thanks to @NerdsNatterings @ruthinrevolt and @diapersdimples who have made the journey informative with a sprinkle of laughs and love to help us along. Oh and this month has also given us our first guest blog post opportunity. I am so excited about this and cannot wait to get started on it!

In regards to Instagram and Pinterest, we have worked hard in July to try to understand and to utilise these more effectively. Instagram has been the easier of the two to get to grips with, with our followers reaching 32 (a big deal for us and 30% of our monthly goal achieved.) What made it more special was the author of one of our book reviews following us and saying thank you for our own review – its these little things that make blogging sooo worthwhile! It has only been the last week or so that we have started to grapple with Pinterest and we did manage to reach 70% of our July goal as we now have 8 followers and 588 unique monthly viewers. I am starting to really enjoy using it and I think over the next few months we will use it a lot more.

With our family summer holiday approaching August will most definitely be our busiest, yet most productive month, I AM SURE! With this in mind,

Here are our August goals that we intend to SMASH!

Hulk Smash Image

1)  Get at least 50 Pinterest followers: As previously stated, Pinterest was not a social media avenue that we knew much about, but we really focused on it at the end of the month. This month we want to continue to improve on this and would like to gain 50 followers in August with 1000 unique monthly viewers.

2) Achieve 100 Instagram followers: We are now using Instagram a bit like Twitter and I have been communicating on it more frequently. This month we would like to reach 100 followers and will focus on continuing to communicate with people that have similar interests and goals.

3) Double our Twitter followers: This is our biggest goal as we would like to communicate with more twitter bloggers and reach over 500 followers – A big ask but I think we can achieve this.

4) Run our own giveaway competition: We have been looking at this for a few weeks now and we have some great ideas and prizes to give away. We want to make sure that it links to one of our posts and we pretty much know how we are going to do it, so keep your eyes posted on our blog!

5) Make our photos more photogenic:  This month we will be researching into how to make our photos more aesthetically pleasing, through using props and different lighting techniques.

6) Make our very first Vlog! This is sooooo exciting for me: We haven’t made use of our Youtube channel yet, but this month our family summer holiday gives us a great opportunity to make a Vlog and upload it. Before we do this, we will be researching into ways of making the video the best it can be and how to promote it successfully.

I really am excited for what August will bring us and I love how our blog is coming along and filling up with our own content…  I am so proud that I can say that!


What are your goals for August? Leave us your links and we will take a look and comment. xx


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xx Family Of The Day xx

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